Inspire Fest by Nutella

In my previous article I wrote about how summer is approaching and the struggle we are  finding to get in our shorts etc etc Summertime Sadness..but with the Nutella fest around the corner I had to take some drastic decision and, I decided to go…

1This year the Nutella fest was held during the weekend of the 20th to the 22nd May 2016 and was in aid of Inspire. Inspire is a foundation based in Malta, its aim is to help people, from children to adults with various disabilities overcome learning difficulties, by offering help to these people and also to their closed relatives.

The event was held in Mdina Ditch. In 2013 this ditch was transformed into an accessible public garden and it separates Mdina (the silent city) from Rabat.

So we decided to visit this event on its first day that is the 20th. Although near the entrances of this garden there were Inspire volunteers with donation boxes, the event was free. There were lots of stands not related to Nutella like jewelry stands, candles stands and also a toys stand.

PicMonkey Collage 1.jpg

The team, also thought about children and as soon as we entered we found a stand for children to do crafts. This stand was really amazing, children were given a card that was a sticker and they had to color it with different sand. The final result was superb.

The Nutella stands were to die for; the selection that they offered was splendid; cakes, muffins, crepes, pancakes. Everything you can imagine, prices weren’t out of reach. For a piece of cake we had to pay 2Euros.


Apart from that there were also some food stands, which served pizza, burgers and fries and also stands that served fresh smoothies.

A very cool thing was this photo booth that was only 2 takes about six photos and the money goes in aid of Inspire.

Nutella Fest.jpg

There was also this girl who was making handmade jewelry, like bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks and also key chains. Apart from being talented she is very outgoing and bubbly. Needless to say her work is amazing and prices are very affordable. Check her out on Facebook: Maria Handmade Creations

In the end, it was worth it; great idea, affordable prices and an event for all ages. Well Done

Fetishism for Money..

Is money important to us nowadays?….In a society we live in…is money all that matters?

Some people argue that money is not everything but health, family and happiness is..imagine you have a chronic illness and you have to go abroad for treatment..but you don’t have money..OKI..fair enough we all know that their are entities that can help with all of this but you still need your own money or if you don’t need them you feel more secure that you have them..

From a very young age children often ask their parents if they are rich or poor..sometimes they compare themselves with other children like fellow classmates..but are our children spoiled? or the environment has changes so much that makes our children spoiled? Do our children know how to play in the streets anymore or its just tablets, laptops and electronic equipment they play with nowadays? Why do they find it hard to make friends, and to socialize?

When it comes to firms..customers are changing they buying demands frequently this is because they have the power of money in their hands. This has created a shorter life cycle for products and a more complex supply chain for the organisations were firms need to work harder to gain a competitive advantage.

Money..and greed works hand in hand… the more an individual has the more he wants, the insatiable feeling of never having enough. People are more attached to material things and it is hard to change a person’s lifestyle. Sometimes people end up seeking professional advice when for example they get fired from a job and end up without an income.

When it comes to happiness, research shows that income has a positive relationship with happiness. How happy you were when you bought your first car? your first mobile phone?

So yes it all revolves about money.. after all that’s why we go to work. .

End of Journey & Study Tips.

Yesterday was officially the last lecture of my six-year journey at the University of Malta, although I wanted this day to come very badly, yesterday I felt emotional and confused.

As they say every beginning has its ending and every ending has a new beginning…since I’m a full-time employee and was studying part-time, I will dedicate my free time to write, read and spend some quality time with my loved ones.

When I first stepped into the University of Malta, six years ago on a Thursday afternoon I felt disoriented, people where coming from all sides and directions, luckily I figured out were I had to go and therefore I went to class were I saw some familiar faces (and that was a relief).


University of Malta.

Exams and assignments came along and the 1st year was over in a blink of an eye.

People started to drop out and the group of students became more concise, with this in mind our group got more together and new friendships were born.

During my 4th Year at University I joined forces with a group of people who together we were invincible, we were and still are like bread and butter; we study together and support each other mentally.

Although yesterday was our last lecture we still have two exams and a 25,000 words dissertation to go through…but now I’m seeing light in the end of the tunnel and that light will be clearer when I graduate in December 2016 J

Being a full-time employee and a part-time student is not an easy task but with some determination and motivation anyone can do it.

Here are some study tips which I wanted to share with you:

  • While studying I love to motivate myself with some online shopping…and when I say some it means a lot… I buy everything from a selfie light to a dress
  • Study with a group: I love to study with a group of people; we help and motivate one another, Thanks to them I don’t feel like I’m an island standing alone
  • Plan a holiday: While studying I love to plan holiday, they can be real or not..but yes I spend time going to flights and hotels
  • See youtube videos: I love vlogs and yes I spend some time watching videos likes tips for exams etc etc
  • Don’t drink a lot of coffee: I used to drink a lot of coffee to keep me focused and ended up with a regular headache which is a big NO NO
  • Eat chocolate: during this time you are allowed to eat chocolate
  • Listen to classic music: I love to listen to classic relaxes me a lot



The Ice Cream Girls

Today I wanted to write about one of my favorite all time book..The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson.

First I’m going to introduce you to this amazing author Dorothy Koomson. Born in 1971, Koomson is a full time writer, her published works amount to eleven books the latest was published in May of this year namely “When I was invisible”

The Ice Cream Girls is about two teenage girls who fell in love with their Mathematics teacher. In 1995 they are accused of murdering the teacher they both loved. The story is a recount of their experience, together with their present lives.

One of the girls had to go back to her home town after her mother fell sick, the other girl Poppy at the time got out of prison..and they were forced to confront each other.

For all the bookworms out there, who loves fiction, drama, romance and a thriller…this book is the perfect mix for this recipe…

I also had the opportunity to watch the TV drama which was featured by but nowadays I can’t seem to find it…This drama was based on the book The Ice Cream Girls but the heading was different as it was called The Two Ice Cream Girl. The girls in the drama have different personalities than those in the book. So yes, I would definitely suggest that before watching the Tv Drama…READ THE BOOK

If you are interested in this author you can drop by her website which is

Summertime Sadness..

To all the people who want to look good in their denim jeans, their maxi dress and their bikinis.

To all the people who refused to go for a walk during the others seasons and instead indulged in piece of snickers cake

To all the people who refused to eat healthy and eat lots of junk food thinking its going to be oki….

P.S: Summer is around the corner…(and I can hear the screams of people who cannot get in their bikini)…oh no I think I’m hearing myself….

So today I made an effort: ROAD TO CHANGE

I’m not a person who likes to eat breakfast.. My mornings usually consists of two cups of coffees (with milk) and then I skip immediately to lunch which by that time I will be starving and binge on bread..

Today I had only one cup of coffee and I had some breakfast which consisted of a smoothie: 1 Banana Yogurt, 1 Banana, 1 Peach and some Chai Seeds.

Pic 1

For lunch I’m planning to have some tuna salad but I’m still clueless for dinner…..

What about you? What are your meal plans?


Her tears have by far dried now, and she managed to get some sleep after all the sleepless nights that she passed…but have she managed to forgive?

Matthew 6: 14-15 says “If you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you”

I ask myself. How can someone forgive another person for doing him wrong, for betraying him, humiliate him, tear him into pieces?

Forgiveness can also be referred to a change in feelings, it is a psychological term that maybe no one understands or practice.

Can forgiveness be the key of being in peace with yourself? If you did something wrong would you forgive yourself?

Sometimes we blurb out words when we are angry or out of control..words that can be painful and can harm another person feelings. Can we ask for forgiveness afterwards? The damage was done. Right? And the words cannot be taken back?

Then why do we ask God to forgive us? Why do we practice forgiveness from a very tender age?

So since she could never understand the word forgiveness, she woke up the next morning…put a smile on her face and held her head up high…but you could see…you could have looked in her eyes and see how broken she was.


Being alone and feeling lonely are two separate words with different meaning. Not everyone who is alone or needs to be alone feels lonely.

Being alone can give a person  sense of independence. People like to travel alone, go shopping alone or go out alone. Honestly I admire those people and yes I love to spend time alone.

I love to just go to my room watch a movie, I love to have my own time..I love to go shopping alone…why? I don’t know..

Other people are petrified when it comes to being alone..some people tend to jump from one relationship to another. Having someone by their side makes them feel secure.

But what about if you have someone by your side and you still feel lonely? Than that’s a problem. Sometimes you are gathered with a bunch of people and you still feel lonely…you still feel as if you are an outsider…that you do not belong their.

From time to time everybody tends to feel lonely..this can be due to a situation, a problem or stress, when it seems as if the world is on our shoulder. The problems begin when one starts to feel lonely all the time..depression can start to kick in…

So here are some tips of what to do when you are feeling lonely:

  1. It is important to connect – this can be done by reading a book, watching a series or a movie, connect with some friends, go out..get together..
  2. Physical Activity – Physical activity is important to release stress. If you are feeling detached because of stress, physical activity can help to reduce stress and makes you feel more confident about yourself.
  3. Stay busy – If i’m in a group where I don’t seem to connect with anyone and I feel as if I am the outsider, I get my mobile phone out an start playing with it. I try to keep myself busy
  4. Spend time with people you love – spending quality time with people you love can reduce the feel lonely affect. Sometimes all we need is a smile or a hug.
  5. Youtube Videos – When I’m down or feeling lonely I love to watch you tube videos that makes me laugh..

“The Eternal Quest of the Individual Human Being is to Shatter his Loneliness” – Norman Cousins.






Mother’s Day.

Celebrated annually during the month of March or May, mothers day is a festivity that honors the mother.
A relationship that we cherish from a very tender age is that with our mother. As children we used to be overjoyed when we did something for our mother. I remember that in this time of the year times we used to do handmade cards during our crafts lesson and as children we were thrilled to go home and present it to our mother..
As we grow up we tend to become more independent, which yes it is a good sign and I think that that’s how it should be, but we shouldnt take for granted from were we started and the people we used to rely on.
Respect is what needs to be shown not only on mother’s day to show off with an extravagant sunday lunch. Respect need to be present on a daily basis.
When was the last time you hugged and kissed your mother? When was the last time you spent some quality time with her?
What we used to see in cartoons like Cinderella where a stepmother was portrait as a bitter person has left an unrecoverable damage.
Today due to the rapid changes in society, families have scattered. What we understood by a traditional family is rarely found in todays communities. Children tend to have step mothers, they spend most of the time with their grandparents while their mother is at work.
So..bottom line.. yes it is mothers day and we have to give appreciation to our mother but lets not forget those women who although they are not mothers they are super dedicated in caring for the children that enters into their life’s unexpectedly.
Meaning of mother: a women in relation to a child or children.
Anyways since tomorrow here in Malta is mother’s day…I want to wish everyone….a HAPPY MOTHER’ DAY TO ALL……

Flormar Prime’N Lips Review.

So, I’ve been wanting to go in the Flormar Store in Malta, since…like..FOREVER…I heard a lot of good reviews regarding their quality of products. So after some time I decided to have a go..

First impression when I entered the shop was WOW, i’m in love. The stands and the lightening give the customer a warm feeling.

Anyways, so since I was there I wanted to buy something and what can I buy if not a lipstick?….

After trying some lipsticks out, I wanted to go for something bold…but not to bold for this season and the coming. So when I saw this lipstick on a promotion I asked the salesgirl regarding that color and she without any hesitation showed me which one it was…and the deal was closed.


The lipstick I chose is the Prime’ N Lips in the shade PL20 (Flamenco Soul) It’s formula is a kind of hybrid between a balm and a lipstick. It is very creamy and works great on chapped lips.

Since it is creamy, it is easy to apply and leaves a smooth and moisturizing effect on the lips. It also gives a nice shine to the lips..


As it says on the box it lasts up to 8 hours, although I don’t know exactly if it lasted up to 8 hours and which honestly I don’t think that it is long lasted although it needs to be re-applied throughout the day..especially if you are out for lunch or drinks…

The price for this lipstick was about 8 to 9 Euros. Worth every penny….



Packaging: I love the box & the packaging 8/10

Color: Although there is a vast range of other colors available in the store I would classify the color I chose as a 7/10…I’m always in search for a new lipstick that’s why the 7.

Formula: 9/10 I love it…chapped lips and this formula = GOD’s Gift.


***Disclaimer: This product was purchased by me for my personal use. I was not paid to do this review. What I wrote in the review is my honest and unbiased opinion.


The Beauty Blogger Tag

Hi beauties, hope all is well 🙂

I’ve been tagged by the beautiful dasilvax for the beauty blogger tag. These tags are amazing, they give us the opportunities to get to know each other more. Meanwhile please check dasilvax amazing blogs. Personally I really love reading her blogs so please check it out


The Rules

*Tag the blogger who nominated you.

*Answer the questions given.

*Come up with questions of your own.

*Nominate other bloggers and don’t forget to tell them.


The Questions I was given:

Do you remember your first makeup item?

I think it was a lipstick, or a stained lip balm ( if it is considered as a make up item)

Favorite high end brand?

Chanel Lipstick and Lip Gloss

How often do you shop for makeup? Do you like to pick up an item here and there or get lots of goodies at once? 

I shop for make up frequently, can’t say on a daily basis but every week I have to buy something..I prefer to pick and item here and there but when I shop online I pick up alot of goodies 🙂

Favourite Beauty Youtuber?

Jenny Winship

What do you love about makeup?

Everything, I love applying it. I love how it makes you feel and look.

What is the last picture on your phone?

Yesterday lunch date with my BF

When you are sad, what makes you happy?

Buying staff online

What is your favourite thing about blogging?

It was always my wish to start a blog, I get to express myself in means of writing.

What is the best gift you have ever received?

My rings from my BF i love them to bits

If you could possess one superpower, what would it be?

Cure Cancer.


The Five Bloggers I nominate are: 







Your Questions: 

  1. What is your all time favorite make up brand?
  2. What is your morning routine?
  3. Favorite TV series?
  4. Why do you love blogging?
  5. What’s your Favorite Dish?
  6.  What’s your dream job?
  7. Your Favorite beauty youtuber?
  8. Celebrity style obsession?
  9. What do you prefer hair extension or nail extension?
  10. Your all time quote


Good luck x0x0