#instareasons why we love summer in Malta


Admit it or not the majority of people are invited to a wedding during summer. Although some of us may argue that they hate it while others find the perfect excuse to pamper themselves, during the weekend our facebook and instagram profiles are chocked with people at wedding receptions.




Malta offers a large variety of beaches. Due to the hot weather that is present in Malta during summer, a lot of people go to the beach especially on Sundays and Public Holidays.

13621332_10153582619921671_1698391376_o (1).jpg

Isle of Mtv

Being a free international event, that’s been happening for ten years Isle of MTV is popular not only with the Maltese people but also with tourists you gathers in Floriana from early afternoon to see their favorite star performing



From boat trips, banana & doughnut rides to paragliding, surfing and fly boarding everyone opts to do something whilst spending a day at the beach and if not doing..watching



As opposed to Sean Kingston in ‘’Party all night (sleep all day)” Summer in Malta is a party all night and day.



Sunrise & Sunsets

If you haven’t dedicated some time to watch the sunrise or sunset than I can conclude that you’ve missed it all…

P.S don’t forget your cameras



During summer mostly every week a village feast is held in Malta. During the night one can see the firework blooming on our buildings.



Dinner in summer can be done by the sea, whether it’s in a restaurant or else barbecuing with your friends, who could refuse a good cooked meal.




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