10 Reasons why we love Hamrun

Known as tas-Sikkina (of the knife) Hamrun’s population is over 9000 people.

Number 10

Notable People who lived in Hamrun

First and foremost we have to start with San Gorg Preca the first Maltese Saint, who lived and was buried in Hamrun. San Gorg Preca is the founder of the Christian Doctrine (M.U.S.E.U.M) who prepared men and women who wanted to dedicate their time to teach God’s word and faith formation to children.

H1San Gorg Preca

Another notable and famous person on both national and international level is Josephine Zammit Cordina. Cordina is a popular television personality both in Malta and in Australia, and also took part I popular Maltese drama’s both on Television and also in theaters. Cordina was also honored by the Maltese Government when she was given the Gieh ir-Republika ( A Medal given to Maltese people by the Government to show appreciation)

H2.jpgJosephine Zammit Cordina.

Number 9

The famous caterer

Situated in front of the church, in the heart of Hamrun one can find this famous caterer and cafeteria where people from all over Malta come for his pastries. The chocolate eclairs are like a Sunday afternoon orgasm.

Number 8

Sunday Tradition

For people living in Hamrun especially men, it is a local tradition that on  Sunday morning between 1000HRS to 1300HRS they gather in a kazin (club) to drink beer, socialize and eat the salty roasted peanuts.


Number 7


Believe it or not Hamrun is more central than Valletta


Number 6

Chocolate Festival

Started in 2009 and is held yearly in Hamrun, the chocolate festival is well known with Maltese people and tourists. The activity is hosted by Hamrun Local Council with the help of a large number of participants to make this festival a success.

H4.jpgOne for the money, two for the show, three eating chocolate, oh no lets go oh u u.

Number 5

Shops Shops Shops!

Whether a hairdresser, a grocer, bridal wear or just some underwear, Hamrun offers a variety of shops. Both for locals and people who live outside Hamrun. Hamrun is a must visit when shopping.


Number 4

Football Team

Founded in 1907, Hamrun Spartans have won 7 championship leagues. If you are from Hamrun, and you don’t give a sh** about football, when you hear the Hamrun Spartans Anthem you feel satisfied.



Number 3

Life threatening food

We all love our Maltese famous cheesecakes, whether cheese, peas, Nutella or God knows what. Hamrun has the best pastizzeria all over Malta, situated just a few steps from the church and near a bus stop its mouthwatering food and hearth breaking smell are to die for.


Number 2

The Churches & Chapels

One of the oldest chapels in Hamrun is that of Our Lady of Atocia or as referred by locals as Tas-Samra. St Geatan Parish Church was built in the letter half of the 19th Centuary, primarily it was to be named after St Joseph, however the Bishop of that time wanted the church to be named after his patron saint.

Number 1

The Feast.

Whether you admit or not..you love the feast of Hamrun. Celebrated on the first week of August, this feast is very popular with the locals and thousands of people gather especially on Sunday morning during the band marches.

In Hamrun the feast celebrated is that of St Geatan (San Gejtanu) and there are two official band clubs one namely St Geatan Band Club and the other St Joseph Band Club. These two band clubs are situated on the main street of Hamrun and are three minutes away from each other.



And another special reason we love Hamrun that is beyond number 1…is the magical who could have been a fatal accident but also known as the ghal bib zobbi entrance of St Geatan…

Enjoy the video: A MUST WATCH 





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