Big Plans, Resolutions…not!

When the end of the year starts to approach and so does the new one….we tend to get a bit excited. This time of the year make me think of when I was eleven years old, and the excitement I used to feel on the first day of school which ended after eight hours.

Before the summer ended, I used to promise myself to study more, write more neatly, make new do I during this time of the year….I start to make resolutions dieting, exercising, promising myself that this year will be the best of all….but for what? Six hours into the 1st of January I would be in my old habits, spoiling myself with a Raffaello or a Ferrero Rocher.


This year I kept it realistic, although in the end I got a bit excited about Christmas and ended up buying a Christmas jumper which I haven’t wore (better luck next year). Christmas and New Year weren’t bad. I spent Christmas with my family eating a lot of different food in small quantities. Thank God that my taste buds are still in a good working order and New Years Day was spectacular. I also had the chance to end up in a place that I’ve never been before. A beautiful, spectacular and quite place situated in Munxar Gozo; The Sannap Clifs .

DSC_0844              DSC_0880

Worth Visiting.

The only resolution I did this year was that of reading 15 books, which means 5 more books that last year. Wish me luck and time…lots of time….


Anyways.. Happy New Year… Be You.