Big Plans, Resolutions…not!

When the end of the year starts to approach and so does the new one….we tend to get a bit excited. This time of the year make me think of when I was eleven years old, and the excitement I used to feel on the first day of school which ended after eight hours.

Before the summer ended, I used to promise myself to study more, write more neatly, make new do I during this time of the year….I start to make resolutions dieting, exercising, promising myself that this year will be the best of all….but for what? Six hours into the 1st of January I would be in my old habits, spoiling myself with a Raffaello or a Ferrero Rocher.


This year I kept it realistic, although in the end I got a bit excited about Christmas and ended up buying a Christmas jumper which I haven’t wore (better luck next year). Christmas and New Year weren’t bad. I spent Christmas with my family eating a lot of different food in small quantities. Thank God that my taste buds are still in a good working order and New Years Day was spectacular. I also had the chance to end up in a place that I’ve never been before. A beautiful, spectacular and quite place situated in Munxar Gozo; The Sannap Clifs .

DSC_0844              DSC_0880

Worth Visiting.

The only resolution I did this year was that of reading 15 books, which means 5 more books that last year. Wish me luck and time…lots of time….


Anyways.. Happy New Year… Be You.







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10 Reasons why we love Hamrun

Known as tas-Sikkina (of the knife) Hamrun’s population is over 9000 people.

Number 10

Notable People who lived in Hamrun

First and foremost we have to start with San Gorg Preca the first Maltese Saint, who lived and was buried in Hamrun. San Gorg Preca is the founder of the Christian Doctrine (M.U.S.E.U.M) who prepared men and women who wanted to dedicate their time to teach God’s word and faith formation to children.

H1San Gorg Preca

Another notable and famous person on both national and international level is Josephine Zammit Cordina. Cordina is a popular television personality both in Malta and in Australia, and also took part I popular Maltese drama’s both on Television and also in theaters. Cordina was also honored by the Maltese Government when she was given the Gieh ir-Republika ( A Medal given to Maltese people by the Government to show appreciation)

H2.jpgJosephine Zammit Cordina.

Number 9

The famous caterer

Situated in front of the church, in the heart of Hamrun one can find this famous caterer and cafeteria where people from all over Malta come for his pastries. The chocolate eclairs are like a Sunday afternoon orgasm.

Number 8

Sunday Tradition

For people living in Hamrun especially men, it is a local tradition that on  Sunday morning between 1000HRS to 1300HRS they gather in a kazin (club) to drink beer, socialize and eat the salty roasted peanuts.


Number 7


Believe it or not Hamrun is more central than Valletta


Number 6

Chocolate Festival

Started in 2009 and is held yearly in Hamrun, the chocolate festival is well known with Maltese people and tourists. The activity is hosted by Hamrun Local Council with the help of a large number of participants to make this festival a success.

H4.jpgOne for the money, two for the show, three eating chocolate, oh no lets go oh u u.

Number 5

Shops Shops Shops!

Whether a hairdresser, a grocer, bridal wear or just some underwear, Hamrun offers a variety of shops. Both for locals and people who live outside Hamrun. Hamrun is a must visit when shopping.


Number 4

Football Team

Founded in 1907, Hamrun Spartans have won 7 championship leagues. If you are from Hamrun, and you don’t give a sh** about football, when you hear the Hamrun Spartans Anthem you feel satisfied.



Number 3

Life threatening food

We all love our Maltese famous cheesecakes, whether cheese, peas, Nutella or God knows what. Hamrun has the best pastizzeria all over Malta, situated just a few steps from the church and near a bus stop its mouthwatering food and hearth breaking smell are to die for.


Number 2

The Churches & Chapels

One of the oldest chapels in Hamrun is that of Our Lady of Atocia or as referred by locals as Tas-Samra. St Geatan Parish Church was built in the letter half of the 19th Centuary, primarily it was to be named after St Joseph, however the Bishop of that time wanted the church to be named after his patron saint.

Number 1

The Feast.

Whether you admit or love the feast of Hamrun. Celebrated on the first week of August, this feast is very popular with the locals and thousands of people gather especially on Sunday morning during the band marches.

In Hamrun the feast celebrated is that of St Geatan (San Gejtanu) and there are two official band clubs one namely St Geatan Band Club and the other St Joseph Band Club. These two band clubs are situated on the main street of Hamrun and are three minutes away from each other.



And another special reason we love Hamrun that is beyond number 1…is the magical who could have been a fatal accident but also known as the ghal bib zobbi entrance of St Geatan…

Enjoy the video: A MUST WATCH 






Gozo a gem in the Mediterranean, a sister to our beloved Malta and a place for us Maltese to spend a weekend to unwind from the stress and relax from the traffic of our daily lives.

Going for a weekend in Gozo can be exited not only for the Maltese but also for the tourist who visit our country. The excitement we all share is the drive to the Gozo Channel the anticipation we build in our minds to be on time and not to miss the ferry.


So to sum things up here the Gozo do do’s;

  1. Take photos on the Gozo Channel .

So we are on our way to Gozo, the trip to arrive takes about twenty minutes, although the Gozo Channel is equipped with a cafeteria and wifi, it is useless to waste these twenty minutes of your life checking your emails and drinking coffee. You have to go out grab a camera and take as many photos you can of the picturesque view you’ll see.


2. Stay overnight.

Whether in a hotel, farmhouse or an apartment staying in Gozo in never a bad choice since you haven’t got scammed. Accommodation can be found in all villages in Gozo, if your stay is in February for the famous Nadur Carnival then your stay have to be somewhere near by Nadur.

3. Eat something.

Needless to say you have to eat something whether it’s a pizza, a pastizz (cheesecake) or a local dish. Gozo offers plenty of restaurants that are accredited by trip advisor. My favorite restaurant is Fat Rabbit situated in Nadur, with its mouthwatering Asian Duck that is to die for.

An ice cream is a must. Xlendi offers one of the best ice cream on the island. It is also of utmost important to try the qassatat of cheese lets that can be found easily from a local bakery.


4. Visit San Blas.

Either to go for a swim or to take some breathtaking photos San Blas Bay is the place to be. Situated further in from Nadur, San Blas is a small sandy beach secluded with greenery. The views are spectacular and the water is crystal clear. There is also this small restaurant that does fresh snacks, its location is wonderful since you can see the beach underneath you.

5. Maxok

No introduction needed to this very popular, old-fashioned wood burning oven that make ftiras (Gozitan pizzas) and also Italian Style Pizza. My favorite is the cheese ftira, but you have to place and order prior so you don’t get disappointed since they can run out of cheeselets


Maxok Bakery have been open for more than 90 years, and was used to bake Maltese ftajjar and local bread. Nowadays Maxok who is a family operated small business has been doing its famous ftira’s for over ten years. Maxok also enjoys a certificate of excellence from Trip Advisor.

6. The Views 

Whilst driving in Gozo or roaming around, you cannot miss the amazing green scenery that this place has to offer.

A Camera is a must


  1. The Churches.

One of the biggest church found in Gozo is that of Xewkija. You can spot it from Rome. During the evening it can be seen lighten up, the religious culture in Malta and Gozo reflects our villages and the cburches found in them. One of the most popular being Ta Pinu Sanctuary situated in the Village of Gharb. Inside the church one can find a section with the miracles the followers said to have occurred when praying to the Holy Lady of ta Pinu.


8. Pjazza’s

To end up your stay in style in Gozo it is important to visit a pjazza (village square) preferably on a Sunday morning. While ordering a cisk chill (lemon flavour) you could meet the friendly locals that makes you feel at home with their joyful characters and yes whether or not you want to drink…you have to drink


#instareasons why we love summer in Malta


Admit it or not the majority of people are invited to a wedding during summer. Although some of us may argue that they hate it while others find the perfect excuse to pamper themselves, during the weekend our facebook and instagram profiles are chocked with people at wedding receptions.




Malta offers a large variety of beaches. Due to the hot weather that is present in Malta during summer, a lot of people go to the beach especially on Sundays and Public Holidays.

13621332_10153582619921671_1698391376_o (1).jpg

Isle of Mtv

Being a free international event, that’s been happening for ten years Isle of MTV is popular not only with the Maltese people but also with tourists you gathers in Floriana from early afternoon to see their favorite star performing



From boat trips, banana & doughnut rides to paragliding, surfing and fly boarding everyone opts to do something whilst spending a day at the beach and if not doing..watching



As opposed to Sean Kingston in ‘’Party all night (sleep all day)” Summer in Malta is a party all night and day.



Sunrise & Sunsets

If you haven’t dedicated some time to watch the sunrise or sunset than I can conclude that you’ve missed it all…

P.S don’t forget your cameras



During summer mostly every week a village feast is held in Malta. During the night one can see the firework blooming on our buildings.



Dinner in summer can be done by the sea, whether it’s in a restaurant or else barbecuing with your friends, who could refuse a good cooked meal.





From a small gesture like a nod, a smile to a handful of cash appreciation is important to everyone.

Everyone wants to be appreciated. Everyone likes to be praised

Are we appreciated for the work we do? For the things we do for each other? For the help that we give? Do we feel encouraged or empowered at school or in our workplace?

People tend to forget about being appreciative…when was the last time you heard someone saying thank you or well done? These two words are enough to keep you going or even get you started…makes you more motivated.

Being appreciative can also make people have a positive perception of the world. We cannot forget from were we started, and who was their all the way with us to make us who we are..

Sometimes we don’t appreciate what we have until it is gone. So empower people, appreciate what they do and be the first one to make a change.


Inspire Fest by Nutella

In my previous article I wrote about how summer is approaching and the struggle we are  finding to get in our shorts etc etc Summertime Sadness..but with the Nutella fest around the corner I had to take some drastic decision and, I decided to go…

1This year the Nutella fest was held during the weekend of the 20th to the 22nd May 2016 and was in aid of Inspire. Inspire is a foundation based in Malta, its aim is to help people, from children to adults with various disabilities overcome learning difficulties, by offering help to these people and also to their closed relatives.

The event was held in Mdina Ditch. In 2013 this ditch was transformed into an accessible public garden and it separates Mdina (the silent city) from Rabat.

So we decided to visit this event on its first day that is the 20th. Although near the entrances of this garden there were Inspire volunteers with donation boxes, the event was free. There were lots of stands not related to Nutella like jewelry stands, candles stands and also a toys stand.

PicMonkey Collage 1.jpg

The team, also thought about children and as soon as we entered we found a stand for children to do crafts. This stand was really amazing, children were given a card that was a sticker and they had to color it with different sand. The final result was superb.

The Nutella stands were to die for; the selection that they offered was splendid; cakes, muffins, crepes, pancakes. Everything you can imagine, prices weren’t out of reach. For a piece of cake we had to pay 2Euros.


Apart from that there were also some food stands, which served pizza, burgers and fries and also stands that served fresh smoothies.

A very cool thing was this photo booth that was only 2 takes about six photos and the money goes in aid of Inspire.

Nutella Fest.jpg

There was also this girl who was making handmade jewelry, like bracelets, necklaces, bookmarks and also key chains. Apart from being talented she is very outgoing and bubbly. Needless to say her work is amazing and prices are very affordable. Check her out on Facebook: Maria Handmade Creations

In the end, it was worth it; great idea, affordable prices and an event for all ages. Well Done

Fetishism for Money..

Is money important to us nowadays?….In a society we live in…is money all that matters?

Some people argue that money is not everything but health, family and happiness is..imagine you have a chronic illness and you have to go abroad for treatment..but you don’t have money..OKI..fair enough we all know that their are entities that can help with all of this but you still need your own money or if you don’t need them you feel more secure that you have them..

From a very young age children often ask their parents if they are rich or poor..sometimes they compare themselves with other children like fellow classmates..but are our children spoiled? or the environment has changes so much that makes our children spoiled? Do our children know how to play in the streets anymore or its just tablets, laptops and electronic equipment they play with nowadays? Why do they find it hard to make friends, and to socialize?

When it comes to firms..customers are changing they buying demands frequently this is because they have the power of money in their hands. This has created a shorter life cycle for products and a more complex supply chain for the organisations were firms need to work harder to gain a competitive advantage.

Money..and greed works hand in hand… the more an individual has the more he wants, the insatiable feeling of never having enough. People are more attached to material things and it is hard to change a person’s lifestyle. Sometimes people end up seeking professional advice when for example they get fired from a job and end up without an income.

When it comes to happiness, research shows that income has a positive relationship with happiness. How happy you were when you bought your first car? your first mobile phone?

So yes it all revolves about money.. after all that’s why we go to work. .

End of Journey & Study Tips.

Yesterday was officially the last lecture of my six-year journey at the University of Malta, although I wanted this day to come very badly, yesterday I felt emotional and confused.

As they say every beginning has its ending and every ending has a new beginning…since I’m a full-time employee and was studying part-time, I will dedicate my free time to write, read and spend some quality time with my loved ones.

When I first stepped into the University of Malta, six years ago on a Thursday afternoon I felt disoriented, people where coming from all sides and directions, luckily I figured out were I had to go and therefore I went to class were I saw some familiar faces (and that was a relief).


University of Malta.

Exams and assignments came along and the 1st year was over in a blink of an eye.

People started to drop out and the group of students became more concise, with this in mind our group got more together and new friendships were born.

During my 4th Year at University I joined forces with a group of people who together we were invincible, we were and still are like bread and butter; we study together and support each other mentally.

Although yesterday was our last lecture we still have two exams and a 25,000 words dissertation to go through…but now I’m seeing light in the end of the tunnel and that light will be clearer when I graduate in December 2016 J

Being a full-time employee and a part-time student is not an easy task but with some determination and motivation anyone can do it.

Here are some study tips which I wanted to share with you:

  • While studying I love to motivate myself with some online shopping…and when I say some it means a lot… I buy everything from a selfie light to a dress
  • Study with a group: I love to study with a group of people; we help and motivate one another, Thanks to them I don’t feel like I’m an island standing alone
  • Plan a holiday: While studying I love to plan holiday, they can be real or not..but yes I spend time going to flights and hotels
  • See youtube videos: I love vlogs and yes I spend some time watching videos likes tips for exams etc etc
  • Don’t drink a lot of coffee: I used to drink a lot of coffee to keep me focused and ended up with a regular headache which is a big NO NO
  • Eat chocolate: during this time you are allowed to eat chocolate
  • Listen to classic music: I love to listen to classic relaxes me a lot



The Ice Cream Girls

Today I wanted to write about one of my favorite all time book..The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson.

First I’m going to introduce you to this amazing author Dorothy Koomson. Born in 1971, Koomson is a full time writer, her published works amount to eleven books the latest was published in May of this year namely “When I was invisible”

The Ice Cream Girls is about two teenage girls who fell in love with their Mathematics teacher. In 1995 they are accused of murdering the teacher they both loved. The story is a recount of their experience, together with their present lives.

One of the girls had to go back to her home town after her mother fell sick, the other girl Poppy at the time got out of prison..and they were forced to confront each other.

For all the bookworms out there, who loves fiction, drama, romance and a thriller…this book is the perfect mix for this recipe…

I also had the opportunity to watch the TV drama which was featured by but nowadays I can’t seem to find it…This drama was based on the book The Ice Cream Girls but the heading was different as it was called The Two Ice Cream Girl. The girls in the drama have different personalities than those in the book. So yes, I would definitely suggest that before watching the Tv Drama…READ THE BOOK

If you are interested in this author you can drop by her website which is

Summertime Sadness..

To all the people who want to look good in their denim jeans, their maxi dress and their bikinis.

To all the people who refused to go for a walk during the others seasons and instead indulged in piece of snickers cake

To all the people who refused to eat healthy and eat lots of junk food thinking its going to be oki….

P.S: Summer is around the corner…(and I can hear the screams of people who cannot get in their bikini)…oh no I think I’m hearing myself….

So today I made an effort: ROAD TO CHANGE

I’m not a person who likes to eat breakfast.. My mornings usually consists of two cups of coffees (with milk) and then I skip immediately to lunch which by that time I will be starving and binge on bread..

Today I had only one cup of coffee and I had some breakfast which consisted of a smoothie: 1 Banana Yogurt, 1 Banana, 1 Peach and some Chai Seeds.

Pic 1

For lunch I’m planning to have some tuna salad but I’m still clueless for dinner…..

What about you? What are your meal plans?